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What are the advantages of the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan?

We offer a wide range of services and assistance to our exporters who are members of our organization. Including: -study of demand and supply of foreign buyers;
-find buyers from different countries of the world;
-participation in various exhibitions of the world market with your suitable products; Receive more than 20 types of services from the organization; -free consultation and others;

What issues can the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan help with?

- In the protection of rights;
- Assistance in finding partners;
- Consolidation in the export sector;
- In helping to entrepreneurs;
- In cooperation with organizations;
- Free consultations;

How can I become a member of the association?

It is enough to make a one call +998 95 145-45-02, or leave the information at the following link

When was the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan established?

THE ASSOCIATION OF EXPORTERS OF UZBEKISTAN (Certificate 40 1740, registered on September 23, 2019) was established to develop the export potential of the Republic of Uzbekistan in all areas.

What services does the Association of Exporters of Uzbekistan have?

There are free services for members as well as paid services


How can I stay informed about the news of the association?

You can stay informed about the association and all other news through the special news section.


How can I contact you?

Address: 8A, Korakamish street, Olmazor region, Tahskent city;
Phone: +99871 207 00 98
Email address: